To make a car accident claim for compensation in Scotland, you should first gather evidence such as witness statements, photographs of the scene, and medical records. Then, you can consult a personal injury lawyer specialising in car accident compensation claims to guide you through the legal process.

How Do I Make A Car Accident Claim?

Claiming compensation after a car accident is a relatively simple process. You must contact a personal injury solicitor and provide documentation of the accident, your injury, and its diagnosis.

Road traffic accident claims can be complex, but with the help of a solicitor, your claim can be handled swiftly and accurately.

How Long After A Car Accident Can I Claim?

Scotland has a three-year time limit for making a personal injury compensation claim. The case is time-barred if legal action is not taken in court within three years.

Nonetheless, you have three years from the day you reach 16 to claim if your injury occurred when you were under 16 and no claim has been made on your behalf.

If you are still deciding whether to make a claim, immediately speak with our car accident solicitors in Scotland.

How Long Does A Car Accident Personal Injury Claims Take To Settle?

The time it takes to settle a car accident claims in Scotland varies depending on the case’s complexity and the parties’ willingness to negotiate a settlement.

It can range from a few months to a few years. It is recommended to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer specialising in car accident compensation in Scotland to ensure a fair and timely settlement.

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Why Is My Car Accident Claim Going To Court?

Your car accident claim may go to court because the parties involved could not reach a settlement agreement through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution methods. In this case, the court will be responsible for making a final decision based on the evidence and arguments presented by both sides.

Can I Claim Compensation for A Car Accident?

Yes, you can claim compensation for a car accident in Scotland if you were not at fault. Making a car accident compensation claim in Scotland involves gathering evidence, such as witness statements and medical records, and consulting with a personal injury lawyer specialising in car accident compensation claims.

Can I Make A Car Accident Claim If I Was At Fault?

If you were at fault for a car accident, it is unlikely that you can make a car accident claim for compensation. However, if you were partially at fault or other contributing factors to the accident. It is still worth consulting with a personal injury lawyer to determine if you have a valid claim.

Can I Make A Claim On Behalf Of A Family Member?

Yes, you may be able to make a claim on behalf of a family member who has been injured in a car accident if they are unable to make a claim themselves, for example, if they are a minor or if they have sustained a severe injury that has left them incapacitated.

To do so, you must provide evidence of your relationship to the injured party and obtain legal authority to act as their representative.

How Much Money Do You Get For A Car Accident?

The amount of compensation you may receive for a car accident in Scotland varies depending on the specific details of your case, including the severity of your injuries, the impact on your life, and the cost of medical treatment and rehabilitation.

But you can use a Personal Injury Compensation Calculator as a general guide.

What is No Win No Fee?

A conditional fee agreement, commonly called a “no win, no fee” agreement, is a contract you and your personal injury lawyer will sign. In other words, you won’t be required to pay a contingency fee to your solicitor if your compensation request is rejected.

No Win No Fee solicitors Scotland offer a way for claimants to pursue compensation for personal injury claims without the risk of paying legal fees if their case is unsuccessful.