Frequently Ask Questions About Personal Injury Claim

According to the Scottish Law, individuals are granted a period of 3 years from the date of the accident to formally notify or initiate a claim against the party deemed at fault. However, it is strongly recommended that you start this process at the earliest opportunity to ensure all details remain fresh and relevant documentation is easily accessible. In special circumstances involving minors under 16, they typically have more time: they can initiate a claim up to 3 years after their 16th birthday. This provision ensures that the rights of younger individuals are protected and they are given ample time to claim once they come of age.

The duration it takes for a personal injury claim to conclude varies considerably from one case to the next. This is largely influenced by an array of factors. Here are a few key considerations that might affect the timeline:
· Circumstances Surrounding the Accident: Every accident has its unique set of facts and circumstances. Understanding and analysing these details can take time, especially if they are complex.
· Identification of the Third Party: Sometimes, there may be difficulties in identifying or locating the third party responsible for the accident. This can understandably extend the duration of the claim process.
· Medical Evidence Collection: An essential aspect of personal injury claims is the compilation of comprehensive medical evidence. Depending on the nature and severity of the injuries, gathering all the neccessary medical reports and assessments might be a lengthy process.
· Severity and Duration of Injuries: Some injuries may be straightforward, while others can be more complex and long-lasting. Claims involving severe injuries may require prolonged medical evaluations, thus taking more time to settle.
· Liability Acceptance by the At-Fault Party: If the party at fault accepts responsibility without contention, the claim process might accelerate. However, if there are disputes or challenges regarding liability, the process may become protracted.

When an accident occurs, your first instinct might be to contact your insurance company. While it's standard procedure to report the accident, it's essential to understand the subsequent steps the insurer may take. Often, insurance companies will recommend a law firm they routinely work with. However, it's crucial for you to know that you're not legally bound to use the firm your insurer suggests. It is well within your rights to conduct your own research and select a representative that best suits your needs and preferences.
Furthermore, insurers might request that you pay both voluntary and compulsory excess fees upfront, even before ascertaining the party responsible for the accident. In some situations, these combined costs might escalate to a staggering sum of up to a thousand pounds. On the contrary, if you decide to collaborate with our team, you won't be asked to shoulder any excess fees. Our commitment is to handle all interactions with the relevant insurance parties, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.
A point of caution: the law firm recommended by your insurance company could potentially charge you a 'success fee' upon settling your claim. In their rush to conclude claims swiftly, there's a risk that your compensation might not accurately reflect the true value of your damages. Such rapid settlements can sometimes even bypass essential steps, like medical examinations, which are vital in determining the true extent of injuries and their impact. By doing so, while insurers save on professional fees, you might end up with a compensation sum that does not truly represent your injuries or damages.
In contrast to some establishments, our team consists solely of qualified solicitors. The solicitor assigned to your case will be locally based, allowing for personal interactions, face-to-face meetings, and direct communication for any queries you might have. It would be wise to question if the solicitor put forth by your insurer offers this level of personal engagement.

Your eligibility to claim compensation hinges on a few essential criteria. Firstly, the accident should have transpired within the previous three years. Secondly, you should not have been the primary cause of the accident. Lastly, the accident should have resulted in injuries to you. If these conditions align with your situation, then we are here to guide and support you in pursuing a rightful claim for compensation.

The compensation you might receive largely hinges on the gravity and duration of your injury. Generally, the more grievous the injuries and the longer their impact lasts, the greater the compensation you are likely to be awarded. Such severe injuries can profoundly disrupt multiple facets of one's life, from daily routines and social activities to work commitments and even personal relationships. However, our primary aim is to ensure that you receive the support and assistance you need. This includes securing the services of private physiotherapists and expert medical professionals to facilitate your recovery.

In legal terms, general damages refer to the compensation awarded for pain, suffering, and loss of amenity after an accident. In the context of Scottish law, this term is referred to as 'Solatium.' Intriguingly, the term 'Solatium' has its roots in Latin. To gauge a rough estimate of what you might receive as Solatium, you can use the Personal Injury Calculator provided on our website.

Yes, accidents often bring with them unforeseen expenses, such as property damages, clothing replacements, or even transportation fees related to medical treatments. Since these expenses are direct consequences of the accident, PICS stands ready to assist you in reclaiming these costs. It's paramount to retain all related receipts, as they play a pivotal role when seeking compensation from the responsible third party.

Accidents, unfortunately, often carry with them not just physical consequences but financial ones too. Should your injuries necessitate time off work, this can potentially lead to wage reductions or even a complete loss of income. This can, in turn, place significant strain on your financial well-being and overall quality of life. Rest assured, it's your legal entitlement to reclaim any loss of earnings attributable to the accident. This holds true even if the party at fault happens to be your employer. We are committed to ensuring you are justly compensated for any income discrepancies caused by the accident.

Following a non-fault road traffic mishap, your insurance provider might request that you cover the excess. However, given that you weren't the party responsible for the accident, you're not obligated to bear this expense. Choosing to proceed with PICS ensures that this excess isn't a burden you'll shoulder. Instead, we'll step in, negotiate with the party at fault, and manage this aspect on your behalf.

Absolutely. Our commitment to your convenience is unwavering. We offer a like-for-like replacement vehicle, and in most circumstances, you can expect its delivery within a mere four hours—though we guarantee it within 24 hours. This courtesy vehicle is yours to use as your primary vehicle undergoes repairs. If your original vehicle is deemed a total loss, the market value of your car at that point in time will be offered to you. Meanwhile, you can continue to use our provided replacement until the full payment for your vehicle is settled. Crucially, all costs linked to these arrangements will be pursued and reclaimed from the party that's at fault.

Our extensive ties with an array of insurance-approved repair centres across the nation allow us to set up vehicle repairs at a facility near your location. If you have a particular preference or a trusted garage in mind, we respect that decision. Alternatively, if you feel the inclination, you can opt to receive a cash-equivalent amount reflecting the damage to your vehicle. This enables you to personally oversee the repair process.

Our dedicated team of personal injury claims specialists are always a phone call away and eager to assist. Whether you'd like an in-depth discussion or prefer to schedule a more convenient time for a call-back, our lines of communication are open. Just utilise our online call-back feature, and we'll be at your service.

Navigating through the aftermath of an accident is a taxing journey, both emotionally and physically. At PICS, our profound understanding of your circumstances compels us to present not just any solicitors, but specialists who are relentless in ensuring you procure the maximum compensation promptly, complemented with all necessary private medical treatments. Our extensive network of legal experts spans across Scotland, each of whom operates under a clear 'No Win No Fee' agreement. To put it plainly, our pursuit of justice for you is risk-free; even if we don’t win your case, you will not have to bear extra financial burden.
Curious? Need clarity? Our dedicated advisors await at 0141 2801112, ready to guide you. Alternatively, our user-friendly website offers quick enquiry forms or a simple “Make a Claim” portal right on the homepage.

Your first conversation will be with our experienced personal injury claim consultants. After this interaction, you'll be introduced to a specialised solicitor who will delve deeper into the specifics of your case, answering any queries you might have. They will also explain the 'No Win No Fee' structure in simple terms. Following this, your appointed solicitor swings into action, reaching out to the responsible party's insurance company to set the wheels of justice in motion. Throughout this journey, regular updates ensure you're never in the dark, resulting in a resolution that aligns with your expectations.

Our years of experience in the realm of car accident claims has been a period of continuous learning and refining our expertise. Every case sharpened our acumen, enabling us to tailor a robust approach for you. Our methodology is thorough: we compile compelling evidence, enlist the finest in private medical expertise, and leverage our skills to garner maximal compensation. From initiation to closure, we handle everything, ensuring you're informed at every juncture.

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